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The BetsTipster services are designed to make a steady profit using level stakes. If you wish to use level stakes for these systems, then we advise to bet 2% of your bank. To place bets of $100 on each selection for each service then you need a bank of $5000.

However, it is possible to manage the records of your betting, the size of the bets and get an increased profit by using betting and money management software.

The table below shows the results obtained for Level Stakes and the three software systems using a $5000 bank for each strategy for 163 BaseTipster Middle Bets in the period 1 September 2011 to 30 September 2011.

$ Turnover $ Return $ Profit % POT
Level Stakes 16300 25810 9510 58
Professional Staking Plan 40547 78291 25117 62
Powerbet 20840 35065 14217 68
Money Factory 7198 11207 4009 56

Note: The three software systems will only work on computers with Windows 32 bit operating system. They can be made to work on Windows 64 bit operating system by making the computer XP virtual using a Microsoft product available for Windows 7 Premium edition. If you have Windows 7 Home edition you can follow the instructions here

Professional Staking Plan

The software will work out your bet sizes for you and keep track of your betting with the potential for increasing your bank in a disciplined manner. This software uses a Capital Account from which two accounts - the Reserve Bank and the Working Bank are established. From the strike rate of the selections, a percentage of the bank is worked out to determine the base bet for each account.

The Working Bank is where all the action takes place and the Reserve Bank is only called in when the Working Bank doubles its size from wins or loses half of its original amount. By re-adjusting the Working Bank in losing or winning sequences the Professional Staking Plan is able to obtain maximum profits for the system and minimise losses.

If you place all your bets at once each day (for example, the Middle Bets), you can enter the bet results at the end of the betting day and the software will calculate the new bank size with a new bet size for the next betting day.

There are two reports because the software shows one report for when the working bank has doubled and another report for the current betting series. The reports show the betting for the 163 Middle Bets from 1 September 2011 to 30 September 2011.

Download PSP first report (pdf)
Download PSP second report (pdf)

Note: The turnover using this software is much higher than the three other methods because it always recommends a higher stake when the bank reaches a new high. The software allows you to nominate a maixumum bet size. For this example period $500 was chosen. This is why the turnover is high because the $500 maximum bets size was reached on 21 September 2011. An alternative approach with this software is to set a lower maximum bet size, or to end the account when a certain profit is reached and start a new account for the system.

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Powerbet is designed to recoup losses through a controlled stop-loss system.

Powerbet works by using a percent of the overall bank as a base bet.


If you subscribe to the three BetsTipster services, you could set up three different accounts to manage the betting for each service. So you would have Powerbet accounts called Base, Middle and Apex with different bank amounts, bet percentages and strike rates if you wish. In the screen shot the accounts have been set up with the same bank ($5000), Bet % (2%) and Strike Rate (40%). The system calculates the Base Bet amount using this initial data.

Powerbet winform


Enter the selection details in the Horse Name or Meet and Race No. and the Expected odds windows and Powerbet will display the amount to bet.


Click on the link below to see the complete report for this account. It shows the betting for the 163 Middle Bets from 1 September 2011 to 30 September 2011.

Download PowerBet report (pdf)

Powerbet can be used progressively or bets can be placed all at once. The progressive method allows you to recoup losses immediately whereas entering all bets and entering results later will take longer to end the betting series.

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Money Factory

Money Factory keeps track of your results and changes your bet sizes by comparing the results with the expected overall strike rate and dividend.

You decide your target amount and you can run as many columns (series) as you like to ensure you can comfortably cover all of your selections. You can round your bets to the nearest $1, $5 or $10 to suit yourself. Money Factory can manage your bets and ensure you reach your target profit.

Money Factory loses less and wins more than any known betting plan because it is geared to take advantage of the winners when they come in. Betting the same amount on each selection, it will take a long time to recoup your money after a losing run. Using Money Factory you will almost always make a solid profit, even when your selection plan is making losses of up to 10%.

This is because of the unique combination of profit goal, strike rate divisor assessment and the positioning of safety brakes. You simply enter the selection details and then place the bets.

Unlimited Accounts

Another feature of Money Factory is that you can have separate accounts for each system you operate. In addition, Money Factory keeps track of every bet placed and you can view your current strike rate, average dividend and progress to date.

The software will set up your system account It gives you the option to allot your bank funds to each column or to spread over all columns. This feature of the software is useful if you are betting races close together in time so that if you do not know the result of the previous race you can use the other column/s to determine your next bet size.

It even allows you to set a maximum and minimum bet so that you are in control of your bet sizes.

Money Factroy Betting

The screen shot above is the activity window of Money Factory.

The current system data is displayed at the top of the screen. The software keeps track of the progress of your current betting strategy. You can view your current bet size, the number of bets you have placed since last profit and the number of bets until the divisor changes.

If you are running several columns, you can view in the system summary the overall standing of all columns.

The software has an in-built Dutch Betting module. This is useful when you are betting two or more selections per race which have very different prices. It will display your expected profit as a percentage and dollar figure. You have the option of backing your selections to win or save, depending on the strategy you are following.

After you have entered your bets, you can even easily change the Win / Save option of each horse if the prices dramatically change.

When you have calculated your bets, you simply click on Save Dutch Bet.

Master Summary Report

Money Factory Report

The Master Summary Section is where you can view the details of each column. You can even view your results over all columns if your strategy is using more than one column.

Click on the link below to see complete report for this account. It shows the betting for the 163 Middle Bets from 1 September 2011 to 30 September 2011.

Download Money Factory report (pdf)

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