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BetsTipster Racing Tips
Everyday results
January 2004 to August 2017
Saturday results
January 2004 to August 2017
No of bets 26489 No of bets 8699
No of winners 10727 No of winners 3631
Strike rate 41% Strike rate 42%
Average dividend $4.30 (UniTAB tote) Average dividend $4.28 (UniTAB tote)
Profit 71% Profit 76%

This service is for the person who has the time and money to make the serious step of making a full time commitment.

There are an average 20 bets for the everyday service and an average 50 bets each Saturday.

Sometimes there is more than one bet in the same race.

Each selection comes with a track condition requirement. Some bets are recommended for all track conditions. So if the track deteriorates throughout the day due to steady rain or the track improves due to drying conditions, then it is safe to have made that bet at the start of the day. This means that these bets can be placed early in the day if you wish.

Some bets, however, are only required track conditions.

For example, some bets will apply only if the track is listed as good prior to the running of that race. On the other hand some bets will only apply if the track is listed as slow or heavy prior to the running of that race. Some bets are for other track condition possibilities.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that the track is officially listed as that which the bet specifies.

Everyday $99 per mth $990 per yr Saturday $33 per mth $330 per yr

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