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Racing Data Help

The Racing Data program scans the web site to produce the data that is shown on the gallops, trots and greyhound pages.

Race type can be selected as any of these three race types or any combination.

The rating range can be 0 to 100.

The form rules can be left blank. In that case the output is all data as listed in the web site in the column 'L3S' or last three starts.

To restrict the last 3 starts you want, enter the L3S data in the ‘Form Rules’ you want the program to produce.

For example, if you wanted to get all horses or greyhounds which won their last 3 starts, you would enter '111' in the form rules field and tick the box.

You can enter 'N' to get all entries in the web site.

For gallop races only, Racing Data also finds the horses which have won at the distance (D), have won in the wet (W), have won at the track but not at the distance (T) and have won at the track and distance (C).

In this example screen, the program will find all horses and greyhounds which have the rating range 78 to 90 at for 3 November 2013.

The program took 18 seconds to get the data and produce the file. To open the file click link 'Click here to open file' under the start button.

See the output file produced by the Racing Rata example 3 november 2013.xlsx

For any races which have been finalized, Racing Data will put the tote prices in the file. To get historical results for a date range, select a maximum of one month, select the other parameters you require and press start.

The program got this data and saved the file in 11 minutes 31 seconds.

See the output file produced by the Racing Rata example october 2013.xlsx

Demo version of Racing Data program available in a trial mode for 7 days and limited by date range, also demo version of the program not able to get tomorrows races

The cost of a full version $99 incl GST. Go to download page to download the program.

Version: 1.0.1193.1216.2014011321
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