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Innovative. We are the most innovative selection service because we:
  • Concentrate on horses with specific form.
  • Use form factors which are not known to other selection services.
  • Use form factors which are not used by other selection services.
  • Cover all types of races – handicaps, hurdles, set weights, set weights with penalties or weight for age.
  • Include New Zealand races.
  • Determine the track condition which is required for our selections.
  • Publish the results from January 2004 to yesterday.

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Simple. Our selection services are simple to use because we:
  • Tell you which horse or horses to back in a race.
  • Tell you the track condition which applies to the selection.
  • Display this information in an easy to read and print format.

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Profitable. Our service is profitable because we analyse all possible combinations of the following factors to determine those which make a profit:
  • Finish position of last two starts.
  • Race Distance.
  • Country, Provincial, Metropolitan or New Zealand race.
  • Track condition.
  • Race type – handicap, hurdle, set weights, set weights with penalties or weight for age.
  • Two sets of ratings.
  • In handicap races we analyse the weight carried by the horse and in some races whether the jockey is a claiming apprentice rider or not.
  • We have a history of nearly 100000 results.
  • We display the long term profitability using interactive charts. Click here to see the charts.

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